In Memoriam/
Funeral Handout 

Technically, "obituary" as a term is traditionally reserved for journalistic notices about a public figure's death, and is extensively researched. This stands next to the "in memoriam," which is what most people think of as an obituary--writing submitted by family/friends to commemorate the life of a loved one.

Today, they are often thought of synonymously. So when I speak about "in memoriam," I am describing an offering of a longer, more informative piece dedicated to telling a true, accurate, and human story of the one you love. This is longer than a traditional obituary, tells a fuller story, and makes for an excellent handout for the funeral/service. Process is similar to the obituary, but the final product is often longer, more in-depth, and rich.

See the "How I Work" page for process and pricing. Thank you for untrusting me with honoring your dead.