Creative Non-Fiction 

Sometimes 500 or 1000 words just isn't enough. Some of us burn so brightly and inspire such reverence in others that only a more detailed and length story will do our life any kind of justice. Or perhaps the most significant stories from your loved one's life are so interesting and illustrative that you feel the best thing to do is to paint with words.

But perhaps you haven't studied painting, metaphorically speaking.

We also live in an over-arching culture that functionally has lost an essential piece of individual and collective memory—story telling. Conscious human memory operates in narrative format, and so the skillful telling of story is necessary for accurate and satisfying remembrance.

You can think of creative non-fiction as both an expansion and honing in of the obituary. It is the finding of the key stories of someone's life, and taking any reader to that time and place in your loved one's life. It is helping them to feel the sensation of life coursing through their veins, on their skin, and in their chest, in as close to the world that the dead found themselves. It is both a story of their life, but also a time and place shared by others, part of our collective heritage.


Though we can never fully know another person's experience, we can craft an aggregate to more fully understand, experience, and honor our loved ones. This is a gift you give yourself, as well as all of their descendents. It is an artifact and work of art, available to all who come next. That which is remembered, lives.

Pieces are individually quoted, so please inquire with ideas, prospect length, deadline, and other research requirements for a lead on pricing.